What if Your Homeschool High School Records Were Organized in Less than 1 Hour?

(Without worrying that you're missing a single thing!)

Now imagine that you easily update them every single year.

All ready to use for college applications when the time comes.

If you’re homeschooling a middle schooler or high schooler...

You know that starting your record-keeping early is key to creating a great homeschool transcript...

But that's only half the truth.

Your records are only as good as the decisions that go into planning your high school.

So it's time to create a high school that colleges will love while keeping track of all.the.things that will support it.

Lisa Davis Fearless Homeschoolers

Hey there, Fearless Homeschooler.

I see you...overwhelmed at the thought of homeschooling high school.

I feel your pain.

I ask hundreds of families a year what they worry about most and their most common refrain:

"I don't know how to keep track of it all."

Here's what I tell them every single time:

If you don't take your high school seriously, neither will colleges.

If your homeschooler plans to apply to colleges, you need to figure out how to manage it all.

And I can help you do that.

Here's what no one seems to want to talk about.

Your homeschooler might be a great applicant for the schools on their list, but if you don't do your part in sharing the quality of their education, colleges will never know it. Obvious right? But here's the not-so-obvious...

You need to know your high school plan BEFORE you start.

If you want colleges to take your homeschool seriously, then you have some decisions to make - before planning high school. But you first need to know what the decisions are!

You may feel too overwhelmed to even start.

If you don't have a system in place, you just won't get started.

The overwhelm is real. If you've never done this before, you have to juggle A LOT. You need someone who's done this hundreds of times and knows how to simplify it for you.

Let's face it. If you don't have everything laid out for you - so you can quickly and easily update every year - you simply won't do it. And you'll be scrambling during senior year.


Introducing the Homeschool to College Planner:

A 5 Year Record Keeper...

This planner is based on everything I've learned by working with hundreds of homeschoolers going through high school and the college admissions experience. It includes everything I wish I had when I went through this with my own kids!

This is your invitation to start homeschooling high school the right way. The easy way.

Sure, you'll get planning sheets galore, but you'll also get a framework on how to keep track of all things during high school.

THE END RESULT: Colleges acceptances (and internships and summer opportunities, etc) will roll in because you told the WHOLE story of your homeschooler's high school years.

Picture this...

  • A 100-page record keeper for 8th grade-12th grade that seamlessly turns into those all-important homeschool documents you keep hearing about: the transcript, course descriptions, school profile, and counselor letter. Done in 1 hour each year!
  • A homeschool high school that you're proud of and actually have time to enjoy.
  • Great college acceptances AND scholarships happen because of you rather than in spite of you.

What's inside this nifty 100-page planner?


Understand what your role is for your homeschooler's high school years and college applications.


Document each year's classes and grades, course descriptions, outside provider info, activities, and testing.


Know what a college prep high school looks like and map out your homeschooler's journey.


Reflect on your homeschooler's growth each year and write down the most memorable stories.


Create and record your homeschool's policies on grading, credits, and weighting.


Print your planner out or work within a fillable 100-page pdf. Whatever works best for you.

My oldest is in 8th grade, so I'm trying to get my mind around how to navigate preparing him well for college applications in a few years. This resource is perfect and gives me a great framework for the upcoming years. Thank you!

— Holly

Perfect for this new homeschool mom!

— Samantha

Lisa Davis Fearless Homeschoolers

Hi! I'm Lisa.

As a veteran homeschooler, mother of six, and professional college admissions consultant, I believe there’s a clear path to college admissions...even if your homeschool journey takes you down a less traveled road.

This planner was created and refined after working with hundreds of homeschool families on high school planning and college admissions.

I left no stone unturned while designing this. It's exactly what I use with my own clients.

The best part? All the records you keep in this planner will transfer directly into thorough and powerful homeschool documents.

And those homeschool documents will turn into amazing college acceptances that you can be proud of!


Start Keeping Great Records Now!

Start high school the easy way.

Homeschool High School to College Planner


(Less than $6 per year!)

Not sure yet? At least don't leave empty-handed!

Map out your high school years with this FREE planning sheet.

4 year homeschool high school planning sheet
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